Framing Problems With The Enemy

Framing Problems with The Enemy

In 2007, Sophia and I joined a scientist friend at a BBQ party in East Coast Park. It was a relaxed atmosphere until suddenly, people jumped out of their seats to swarm around a guy who just walked in. “Bon Jovi just showed up,” I jokingly said. Soon, we found out the guy was Alan Colman, the stem cell scientist who helped clone Dolly the Sheep.

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Dare To Fail

Dare to Fail

I caught up with Nic at The Lokal, our favourite eatery next to the Personna office. He has a gift of placing people at ease. Almost nothing shocks him.

Nic found his passion as a platform builder, but it took a winding journey, six roles in eight years, before getting to where he is today.

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Take Shots Into The Dark

Take Shots into The Dark

George Joseph is currently a Communication Designer with IDEO, the famed design and innovation studio. When George decided to pursue design as a career, little did he know how designers earned a living, much less how they impact our everyday lives, and never did he anticipate he would join the prestigious studio right out of university.

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Your Dream Job Is Much Closer Than You Think

Your Dream Job is Much Closer Than You Think

The great innovative leaders of our time—Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Branson, Angela Ahrendts—they all have one thing in common: Vision. The vision of what they wanted was so clear, it drove them, and their teams, to work towards achieving it.

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