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Born to lead.

Ever had that tug on your mind that you are meant to do something that matters, something important?

Some people think leadership is for the alpha dogs who were born to lead. A power gifted from above.

But I see it differently. I think everyone’s born to lead.

That tug on your mind? That’s your power coming to the surface. We all have the power within. The way to reconnect to your power is to be clear about who you are, what you are here to do and why you give a f*ck. Reconnecting to your power is a thought process from the inside-out. It’s a skill. It’s a choice. This is bloody hard to do by yourself. It’s a fight to reconnect to your power. Like all good fights, worth it.

I think the main job of leaders is to help people reconnect to their power. Help them to own it, hold onto it and lead in the way only they can.

As a team, you will get to shape a small part of the world to make things better.

I believe everyone’s born to lead. That we already have the power within to get that thing.


Something big is tugging at your brain, something that matters, something you cannot not do? You need to figure this thing out, deal with whatever is coming at you before you mess up your sh*t for good. Email me to talk about the Fight Club Individual programme.

We can help you get that thing.

About Roger Grant, CEO of PERSONNA

Roger works with organisations to develop better leaders through Empowered Leadership. Everyone plays a part in owning and leading change. Over the last 5 years, Roger has worked with hundreds of senior business leaders and organisations like Apple and L’Oréal to reconnect people to their power. Lead in the way only they can.

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