Excuse Me… Are You a Headhunter?

This is my 10th year in recruitment. I love the work and people. I love the impact it creates for them. And I still feel like an amateur sometimes, I still learn so much on the job, and simply… I can’t believe how fast time flew by.

No, it was not my childhood dream to become a headhunter. I used to dream of being headhunted, not the other way round. I was not struck by inspiration or an epiphany such as “You’re destined to be a headhunter”.

So how did it all begin?

When I delivered my second child, I had quit Frost & Sullivan and been staying home for 2 months. I really wanted to get back to work.

First thing I did, I scanned the classified section. I remember thinking, “I can do this role, I can do that role, should I apply to all of them? Or I can go back to what I was doing before.” The limitless possibilities gave me a mix of fear and excitement. The world was my oyster, and for the first time in my career, I could choose whatever job I wanted. However, the uncertainty, the “blank”, was unnerving.

Roger gave me some good advice. He recommended getting a job that I want. Do not apply to just any opening. Do my research, talk to people.

Recruitment caught my eye because I could tread that fine balance between empathy and tenacity, I love engaging with people, and the company, Aquent had a cool culture that just made the whole deal very irresistible. I’m grateful to James Koh for giving me the opportunity. We went to the same kickboxing class, and I tracked him down for an informational interview, which eventually turned into a job. It is true that you never know when or where you’ll meet your future boss!


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About Sophia Chin, Coach & Co-founder of PERSONNA

Sophia helps people unleash the force for positive change to create transformational business growth.

Over the last 10 years, Sophia has interviewed thousands of senior business leaders and learnt their secrets to driving transformational business growth in large complex organisations including Apple and Grab.